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Starscream and Windblade. A never ending story. I love this pairing in every way, in every version. No matter if in humorous, dramatic, erotical, weird etc. etc. stories and images. 

So, everyone thinks Starscream and Windblade dislike each another.
But what if it isn´t true ?! What if they meet in secret…but this time they get caught ? I had this idea already a while in my mind, and Liquidsilk from deviantArt aka anadapta in her matchless way, brought it to life.  The drawing, the coloring…and especially the way she draws facial expressions…That is absolutely divine ! :D Thank you very much !!


Fort Max can’t handle the Rung.

engine-red and I recently found out that we both share the headcanon of Fort Max burying his face in his hands when getting called cute. I actually have two pages filled with robots reacting in different ways, maybe I’ll post them here one day, too.

I ship Rung with pretty much everybody (Skids, Rodimus, Megs, you name it), but Fort Max has to be my favorite for him. Also, the size kink is strong with this one.

Edit: I’m an idiot and don’t even know the eye color of my favorite character. They’re not blue, they’re the same color as the glasses. I apologize, I guess I shouldn’t color things at midnight for weeks.



lmao a very unchill worm

what the fuck just happened

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